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April 9, 2017

News Anchor Reads Her Husband's Death

A Strong will News Anchor breaks the story of her husband's death live in a national television IBC24.

February 19, 2015

Geekish Tech Love poem

Nuclear fission Love poem

Dedicated to my Love, my Angel..Priya!

I'm the Plutonium fuel..
bombarded with your LOVE neutrons..
I get soo excited and heated to the core..
You are my control rods..
absorbing all my exploding LOVE neutrons..
keeping me stable and cool..
Without you I'd go out of control..
splitting each of my cells till I decay..
My dear Silver..

By Pranesh Udhayamani

September 12, 2014

Macro to Calculate Brokerage Fee, Fetch Last Traded Stock Price for ICICI Demat

Calculate brokerage fee for ICICI Demat

If you are new to investing in stocks and using ICICI demat account for trading then this macro will be useful for you. 

This excel macro helps you to calculate the brokerage fee including other charges and taxes so that you can make estimate for you expected profit or loss easily. This macro is specific to ICICI demat account holders in India.

May 17, 2014

Football Worldcup official song - Brazil 2014

So the official song for the Football Worldcup as been released with Brazilian dancers. From the comments in youtube it seems like Africa's "Waka waka" is still the favorite for football lovers. How about you?

Most viewed video for USA - May 16 2014

Here is the most popular video for USA which had about 13 million hits as of today.

Turbo C++ - Compatible with (32&64 bits) Windows 7 and 8

Turbo C++ Compatible with (32&64 bits) Windows 7 and 8

Just like you I was trying to get the C++ compiler to run in my Windows7 64bit OS as usual the Turbo C++ compiler was not working.

April 23, 2014

Naukri had a security attack - Time to change your passwords

So the new victim is, the popular Indian job site, as it presumably has had some security attack with stolen account info.

April 22, 2014

The Amazing Lyrebird - Master of mimicking sounds

If you didn't know what a lyrebird is then keep going and if you do know then its still worth reading on. Seems like you have no option there.

April 19, 2014

Optical illusion with Einsteins face

Einstein face illusion

Einstein was not only brilliant with his brain but he can also fool us with his powerful face :). If you look at the replica of Einstein's face mask you will definitely find it hard to tell which side of the mask is inside and which one is outside.

April 18, 2014

April 17, 2014

Your brain can play illusions - Dragon face

Your brain can play illusions - Dragon face follow you move

This is yet another cool illusion your brain can play when you move within a range of angle facing this special dragon designed specifically to fool your brain.

April 8, 2014

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP April 2014

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP

Microsoft ends support and updates for Windows XP
End of Support for Windows XP
All Windows are closing for Windows XP :). Yup as of today, April 08 2014, you will no longer receive any updates for Windows XP, says Microsoft. So if you are one who is still using Windows XP then may be its time to move on and upgrade your OS, provided your current hardware is compatible.

There are several questions that needs to be answered.

June 28, 2013

How To Claim Your Site or Blog Easily in Technorati

Claiming Site in Technorati can be Simple and Easy:

Claiming site in Technorati
Guys, if you find it difficult and frustrated to claim your sites/blog with Technorati, try this simple method.

Once you get a mail from Technorati with the Claim code, instead of pasting the claim code in posts which may be latest or old, try creating a new post ( a test post ) and paste your claim code in this new post and publish.

April 1, 2013

Google Rolls Out April FOols Day Updates

Google+ Update:

Google plus - Emoticon update
Okay, lets start with Google+. Today Google gives you an option to add emoticon to your pictures in Google plus.

With the huge amount of data it got from the pictures shared around the world, Google has come up with tracking your emotion this time and it's real fun if the emoticons were perfect and but also funnier if they fail real bad.

March 28, 2013

Google Webmaster tools - New opt out feature

Opt-out : Webmaster tools

Opt out feature:

If you have your site that is being displayed in Google products like

and if you don't want your site to be displayed but finding tricky to use robots.txt or disavow, then Google has another option for you to choose, opt out from webmaster tools.

This works only for domain level sites only, not for blogs. Once done, your site will be removed within 30 days from those products and will not be displayed.

February 24, 2013

Victory At last - SEO Contest

Victory At last - SEO Contest

Lets Jump High and Hit the roof!
It's been a busy month and the competition was tough. Wondering what's going on? From the beginning of Feb 2013 I was working to rank high for the keyword seocontestatiiithyderabad, a SEO contest held at IIIT Hyderabad college. 

During blogging into the contest I was thinking about deleting this blog once it's all over..but now just want to keep it as a souvenir and a documentary for SEO from which I'd learned a lot. 

Able to rank 1st in two(bing and duckduckgo) of the 3 search engines but Google had other ideas I believe.. Got to figure out why. Anyway, I came 2nd in this nation wide SEO competition which is great! 

Pranesh 2nd Place - SEO Contest

Thanks for all Forum of Thoughts readers who'd visited and read these blogs! You guys are awesome :)

Just wanted to share my findings about SEO here.

  • Link building still works but it's not the only criteria..the blog came 3rd had about 1300 backlinks and 1st blog had about 400 and mine 2nd blog had about 700.
  • Wordpress with perfect theme is a great SEO.
  • Author rank does seem to be having an impact. The blog came 1st had about 1000+ guys in his profile and he seems to be some what influential author.
  • Keyword stuffing might be having some negative impact(Panda, Penguin). Even 3% to 4% of keyword usage is bad it seems.
  • url relevancy is most important it seems. Next is title and then description.
  • Overall, author rank stands out to me. Google+ is the future..

February 20, 2013

Grab a Google Glass, If You Can!

Grab a Google Glass, If You Can!

Sergey Brin in NY Subway testing Google glass
Sergey Brin
Yup, that's right. You might have seen the recent expedition of Sergey Brin's in NY subway, testing the latest gadget of the century Google Glass. But it seems like Google wants to test it more with different environment, for different activities or may be in some situations. So they need more human beings and that's where we fit in.

February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - Google Doodle 2013

Google Doodle - Valentine's day 2013 & George Ferris B'day

Checkout the new Valentine's day Google doodle for 2013. It's actually cute that you get to spin the giant Ferris wheel and with randomness animals fall in Love and eventually a Love story to end it. Smart and Cute..

Also today is 154th birthday of George Ferris and so Google kinda made a doodle both for Valentine's day as well as George Ferris. Nice!

February 5, 2013

Page Rank Update by Google - Feb 4 2013

Page Rank - Forum of Thoughts

Hi guys, today I noticed there was a page rank update to my blog from PR0 to PR1 which is good but I was hoping for a PR2. 

As every one else I don't want to write a post on how important Page Rank is and what you should do to increase your page rank and bla bla bla..

Share your Page rank change with us, to see what is the pattern like this time around. I believe most sites/blogs would have stayed the same or 1 PR up. 

Only shocking update for me is that most of my "links to your site" is gone. Hope that is just a glitch :(


That was indeed a glitch and got all my links back in webmaster tools. This has become a regular thing when there is a pagerank update.

January 27, 2013

Fifa 13 - Have a better Defensive Tactics

Fifa 13 - Have Better Defensive Tactics

"Winning is one thing, but winning by shutting the opponent completely is something!" - Isn't that a great comment. In this post we'll see how a simple change of defensive settings could change the score line for you.